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CAMPSTER -ポータブルチェア キャリーバッグ付属

¥10,400 ¥16,900
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Lunar Grey
Jet Black
Classic Blue


こちらは先行予約の商品です。IGGキャンペーンのフルフィルメントと一緒に発送されます。詳細は、こちらをご覧ください。: Campster




  • キャンプ
  • ハイキング
  • ビーチ旅行
  • コンサートやフェスティバル
  • 屋内および屋外イベント
  • バーベキューなど



CAMPSTER -ポータブルチェア キャリーバッグ付属

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Mark Mansell

First things first, this is not an arm chair. Instead it is a serious piece of technical outdoor gear. Now, if you are strong enough, and crazy enough, by all means carry an arm chair with you on a hike, but unless you are willing to do that, then it is only rational to expect, and accept, the design compromises made which keep the chair as light as a litre of water, and tall enough to sit on, and get up from, as easily as most dining chairs while almost certainly still being the most comfortable seat you will find in the wilds..

The main compromise is on stability. In order to achieve the height, while minimising weight, when extended, the feet are relatively close together. Because of this it is necessary to sit 'neatly' in the chair, and not slouch or lean. However, this is not hard to achieve and still better than most stools, thanks to the back. Despite the apparent inconvenience, it still gives greater comfort and ability to rest and recover than anything else I have found 'in the field'. Like all hammock style chairs, it can be a little uncomfortable to initially get used to if sitting for longer periods but it is easy to pad with some clothing or a sit mat. Plus, remember, it is not an armchair.

One advantage to the narrow design, however, is that I can sit in it with my cape style poncho covering myself and the chair with my rucksack between my knees. This does a very good job of creating a rapid, yet effective and comfortable shelter, against rain and wind and I look forward to trying that out in the deeper Winter weather. I have already managed to sleep in the chair, under the poncho, and didn't find the experience any worse (but sadly no better :) ) than trying to sleep in a coach or aircraft seat. While not something I'd like to do often, this does make the seat and poncho combination a potentially valuable part of my survival/emergency plans, so becomes multiple use equipment.

In summary, I am very pleased and feel the wait cause by Covid, was well worth it. I, and other family members, will be buying more.

Dylon M

Pretty good compact and portable chair! I keep it in my car for unexpected times when I need to sit or am waiting for something. It doesn't take up very much space at all when folded up which is wonderful compared to regular accordion camping chairs. The chair did look a bit fragile at first but is sturdy and holds up well and has earned my trust.

Steve Wilson

Pros: Lighter than any other chair I’ve found. Useful if you find sitting on the ground painful.
Cons: Takes some practice to assemble quickly and correctly. If you don’t lock the legs properly then the chair will collapse!
Hint: simply add some lubrication (WD40 or equivalent) into the telescopic legs, which makes it much easier to set up and pack up. When locking the legs, twist firmly then apply compression to check they’re locked. With these tweaks, the sitpack is much more useable.


I've only used it on the beach so far, takes a bit of getting used to but overall I'm happy with it

Robert F.

Sehr gut geeignet für Satteltaschen im Bike oder Offroad Camper! Wir sitzen echt bequem!!