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Sitpack 2.0

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私たちのミッションは、最先端のテクノロジーを採用して、革命的で便利な折りたたみイスを作ること。Sitpack を手に入れて、背中の痛みと足の疲れを忘れられる生活を送ってください



Sitpack 2.0

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Phil Wardle

I have had my Sitpack for some time now so feel qualified to write a review about it.
I originally bought my Sitpack as we were going to a concert and I was bothered about standing up for a long time - I'm disabled and can't stand for a great length of time. I thought that it would help me, which it did.
Firstly, I was surprised at how small it was - about the size of a can of Coke. (I soon realised that I should have ordered the neoprene case with it so that arrived shortly afterwards). It is made of plastic which, I felt, probably wouldn't withstand my weight. After having a good few practice sits on it (making sure that each joint was locked by turning there stem tightly) I used it at the concert - Ed Sheeran in Galway, Ireland, just in case you were interested - and it worked a treat. I used it to sit on for about 25-30 minutes whenever I felt the need, putting it away in-between, which really isn't a problem and takes seconds.
I've been using my Sitpack regularly ever since. It's certainly a step up from a shooting stick which I used before as it is much more convenient and sits nicely under my jacket using the neoprene seat cover and strap.
Overall verdict - it's brilliant! I would never have thought that such a small piece of plastic could turn out to be such a clever piece of engineering. It goes everywhere with me in the back of my car, carried on my shoulder, and is then used when there are no seats available when I'm on my travels.
I'm quite tempted by the new seat - if it's better than my trusty Sitpack then it'll be outstanding - but I can't recommend my Sitpack enough!

Gary J. Zerella
Perfect for giving your back a rest

I love this chair. It is perfect for those times you just need to give your back a break when standing for long times.


Bit like leaning your 'tail' on dividers waiting in line for a ride at amusement park, except it's always the right height and you can take it with you to use where there might be no railing.

Love how compact it folds up. (Preferred this compact one to what saw in their other design) I had a previous lean stool thing. It went down just to half height to store/carry, but that was all so it was still not practical to take anywhere. ...
I've taken this one with me when expect stand in long line... super fast take out and put away... plus really light and easy shuffle forward with line. It actually fit in pocket of my jacket... :-)
I've also used it with my standing desk in meetings. Break from sitting yet takes pressure off low back.
Now for those who had some trouble using.... User error? Learning curve? If you put it or you at too much of an angle you will slip... just like your feet slip if lean on wall with feet far away. Just put on floor little behind you and just below 'cheeks'. Try first just with just a little lean/weight on it to get the feel. Wider feet = better balance. Even with slippery pants and without the sticky things added, I had no issues slipping off it.

Comfort to me is good. I'm not looking to compare a lean stool to a lazy boy armchair of course. I can use it through an hour meeting no problem and can move around a bit too so not static which is great.

P Susan
Definitely made walking 18 holes a lot easier ⛳️

Love it ❤️

david n parry

as described, prompt delivery, very useful